An Inspiring Start To A Day In Pokhara, Nepal

An Inspiring Start To A Day In Pokhara, Nepal

Play Mor To Play More”

— Colin MacLeod (Celtic Fiddle Guru)

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Play Mor 2020 Nepal Tour

From $6,500 to $7,500 per person + air

Optional Single Supplement $725

Where Will We Be Going And What Will We Be Doing?

A couple of years ago, through a connection via Airbnb in the Blue Mountains above Sydney, Australia, I embrace the possibility to join a tour to experience the delights and culture of the mystical and inviting landscapes and peoples of Nepal. 

This trip embraced cultural, musical and shared experiences with local communities and schools. 

It was a life changing experience and one which I now invite you to share with me.

Our trip adventures follow a journey through the foothills of the Himalayas, starting off in Kathmandu and continuing to Pokhara, one of the cities in the Anapurna Region of Nepal then returning to Kathmandu.

The length of the trip is 12 days and is an awesome way to round off 2020, giving back to the community, yourself, recharging your outlook, putting a bit of zest back into life's dreams, aspirations and regaining perspective around what might be possible in life going forward.

When I travelled to Nepal and took the tour with Sacred Journeys Nepal, it was a delight to engage with the teachers and students at the schools we visited, sometimes playing a few tunes on the violin, sometimes having a conversation and always being inspired to see the smiles, hear the laughs of joy from the interactions of everyone together, traveller, student or mentor.

I remember appreciating the impact which $10,000 AUD could have in a community, teaching 40 teachers the techniques of properly teaching one thousand students through 2 courses delivered at 6 monthly intervals over a year.

And for this to have a long term impact for a community and contribute to a culture of growth, the support for these courses to be delivered annually is for a period of 7 or 8 years.

So, there are few more Play Mor Tours to Nepal over the next few years!









Tour Dates and Prices

2020 December 18 - December 25 (Sun - Wed)   Budget for circa $7,000 + Air  Sign Up

What's Included?

  • A Tour Guide with local knowledge who has also mastered the art of Scottish fiddle playing. Connection with local knowledge e.g. historians and musicians.
  • Maximum Size of Group is 25 people
  • Transportation On Our Play Mor 2020 Nepal Tour
  • 12 Nights Accommodation
  • All breakfasts and 50% of Evening Meals
  • Gratuities for drivers, guides
  • Guaranteed tour price when you reserve your place
  • The Turning of Moments Into Memories 


You are responsible for the investment of aperitifs and free time activities e.g. sightseeing 



    Daily Activity Key

    Light: Still able to hold a good amount of inspiring conversation

    Moderate: Holding a good amount of inspiring conversation and stopping more to take in the beauty of the scenery

    Strenuous: Stopping a lot to take in the beauty of the scenery with little conversation


    Day 1 - Arrive Kathmandu

    After everyone arrives and settles into our chosen hotel in Kathmandu, we'll head out to a local Nepalese restaurant to mingle, listen to traditional Nepalese music and sample local Nepalese cuisine. And if you have forgotten any supplies for the trip, now is the ideal time to buy these last minute things.

    Bus: No Bus. Walking: Easy and Light Going With Truly Inspiring Company.

    Day 2 - Embrace The Feast Of Vista Views From Nagarkot 

    We'll drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot, a distance of approximately 32 km and stay the evening at Nagarkot Fort Resort. The vistas from the Fort Resort are truly sensational and the Resort is a great place to do a Facebook Live or record an inspirational message for friends, family or business colleagues. Imagine being in a place to recharge with a beautiful backdrop, engage in entertaining conversation or simply watch the stars.

    Bus: 2-3 Hours. Walking: Easy, Inspiring and Light With Enquiring Conversation With Inquiring Minds AND Perhaps Some Fiddle Music.

    Day 3 - Foothills Walk To Dhulikel

    We'll be trekking through forests and rice terraces on our walk to Dhulikel and complete the trip to Dhulikel by car. The accommodation for the evening will be the Gaia holiday home. Sunrise and sunset vistas are spectacular from this 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside. One of my favourite early morning backdrop scenes was from the Gaia holiday home. And you will be amazed by the neatness and geometry of the rice terraces.

    Car: 2 Hours Walking: 4 Hours. Medium With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 4 - Village School Visit 

    A percentage of the trip fee supports Sacred Journeys Nepal Philanthropic Fund to build schools which were damaged by the earthquake. The day will be spent visiting one of the recently built schools, Kalika School. The students and teachers at the school are a treat to speak with and vista from where the school is situated is quite a remarkable and breathtaking one.

    Car: 2-3 Hours Walking: 15 Minutes. Light  With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music. 

    Day 5 - Pilgrims Walk To Namobuddha

    In the morning, we continue with a 4-5 hours walk along the Pilgrim's Way to the Namobuddha Eco Resort. The Resort is run by Germans and is a great place to recharge and reflect. Vistas along the way are breathtaking and make sure you have your phone and camera fully charged. Namobuddha is a sacred Buddhist site with an active monastery and is one of the most popular destinations for Buddhist pilgrims.

    Car: No  Walking: 2-3 Hours. Medium to Strenuous With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 6 - Trek to Balthali

    The trek to the hilltop village of Balthali is 4-5 hours. Views of the Himalayas along the way are breathtaking and make sure you take loads of pictures! Our stay at Balthali Village Resort offers vistas second to none, apart from what you have seen on the treks so far! Imagine having breakfast, watching the sunrise and sunset on a hilltop! It certainly puts things in perspective! There is a certain calm to the Nepali countryside. I am certainly in agreement with this.

    Car: No Walking: 4-5 Hours. Medium to Strenuous With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 7 - Village Day In Balthali

    Today is a day on which we visit a local school, relax and explore the local village! I discovered that $6,000 AUD provides meals to circa two hundred school students, some of whom walk two hours to and from school.

    Bus: None Walking: 1-2 Hours. Light To Medium With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 8 - Pokhara Waterfront 

    Today we drive back to Kathmandu to catch a flight to the lakeside town of Pokhara in the Anapurna Region of Nepal. The layout of the lake and its surrounding scenery remind me of Loch Earn in the Highlands of Scotland. Our accommodation for the duration of the stay in Pokhara is the majestic Waterfront Hotel. Imagine having breakfast whilst watching the sun rise over the lake or seeing parachutists casually land on the ground in front of the hotel next to the lake or noting how happily the cattle graze in the area next to the hotel.

    Bus: 2-3 Hours   Walking: 1-2 Hours. Light To Medium Evening Stroll With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 9 - Explore Pokhara

    Today is a chance to visit and experience Pokhara in its true magic, enjoying the local restaurants and lakeside cafes. It was really interesting to discover that the International Mountain Museum is located in Pokhara and it is a great place to buy your Christmas presents!  .

    Bus: No  Walking: 3-4 Hours. Light To Medium To Strenuous Depending On Chosen Terrain With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 10 - Himalayan Sunrise 

    Drive up to Sarangkot lookout to catch the magic of the morning sunrise as the sun rises over the Himalayas! Return to the Waterfront Hotel for early morning breakfast. In the afternoon, we'll take a canoe Lake Pokhara to climb the hill to the Peace Pagoda. The view from this forested hill is absolutely amazing as we look across to the lake and the mountains. Late afternoon brings us back across the lake to the hotel and the evening is left free to sample the restaurants in town.

    Canoe: 30 minutes  Walking: 1-2 Hours. Medium To Strenuous With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 11 - Drive To Kathmandu 

    The return trip to Kathmandu is 7+ hours and follows the river back to Kathmandu. An alternative is also to fly back to Kathmandu from Pokhara. On return to Kathmandu, we will stay in the Bhaktapur Heritage Hotel. There is a a free evening to dine at the hotel or explore Bhaktapur.

    Bus: 7+ Hours With Stops  Walking: 1-2 Hours. Light To Medium With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 12 - Explore Bhaktapur 

    The world heritage town of Bhaktapur is walking distance from the hotel. Explore the cobbled streets, marvel at the temples and mandala painting school. An alternative is also to fly back to Kathmandu from Pokhara. On return to Kathmandu, we will stay in the Bhaktapur Heritage Hotel. In the afternoon, we visit a local school and round off the day and trip with a farewell evening meal. . 

    Bus: 7+ Hours With Stops  Walking: 1-2 Hours. Light To Medium With Inquiring And Inspiring Conversation and Fiddle Music.

    Day 13 - Farewell and Departure

    Everyone heads for Kathmandu airport for their flights home. .


    NOTE: This Itinerary is subject to change. Nepal is an unpredictable environment and whilst we will do our best to stick to the itinerary, there may be some slight variations. 


    I’d love to find out more about what you might like to do on this tour and the memories you might like to create.


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    I look forward to speaking with you soon!



    Colin MacLeod