Scotland's Secret Bunker Inspires Celtic Fiddle Tune


Scotland's Secret Bunker Is No Longer A Secret

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Scotland's Secret Bunker.

The location is near St. Andrews in North East Fife, Scotland.

And for me, the bunker has been a secret for a number of years, well hidden behind trees.


Change of Law

I think it was in the 1990s when the law was repealed which meant that the Bunker's location information was made available to the public.

And this event was one of the factors which allowed the bunker to officially open as a tourist attraction in 1994.


Roll on a few more years until 2018.


Celtic Fiddle At The Secret Bunker

One of the things which really struck me about my visit to the Secret Bunker is that the Bunker is no longer a secret.

This means that it has had to market itself as a business in order to be seen and attract customers.


Q : Could this be a similar scenario to a musician who practises their instrument in their room?


This is potentially someone being their own best kept secret never having the opportunity to find out that they can inspire other people with their playing or helping other musicians to create their own stories.


And what happens if someone doesn't want to be a secret any more?

They make a noise!


I hope you enjoy the tune in the video.

Bye for now.


Colin MacLeod 

Celtic Fiddle Guru 


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