Every MacLeod Has A Silver Lining

Can I tell you a story? 


Well, I’m going to anyway! 

There was a power cut in the Richmond area where the cafe is. 


Because the weather outside was extremely hot. 

And this meant that inside the cafe, the…


What Does Playing Celtic Fiddle Do For The Brain?



The last post in which I talked about the Ted X Talk which focuses on playing an instrument and its impact on the brain made me think about the impact of playing Celtic fiddle on the brain.

For me, the…

What Can Playing A Musical Instrument Do For You?

Have you ever thought about learning to play a musical instrument, perhaps Celtic fiddle?

I was just doing some research on the internet around this.

Some of the findings took my breath away!


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Celtic Fiddle Tune-Up Sessions

Have you ever started the car to go somewhere and found that the car would not start?

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to see this experience first hand.

A very kind neighbour helped to get the car…


Scotland's Secret Bunker Inspires Celtic Fiddle Tune

  Scotland's Secret Bunker Is No Longer A Secret

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Scotland's Secret Bunker.

The location is near St. Andrews in North East Fife, Scotland.

And for me, the bunker has…


What Is A Celtic Music Session?

A Celtic music session is an age old tradition of musicians gathering together anywhere in the world to play a few tunes and have fun.

When I was growing up in Scotland, I remember my parents talking about ceilidhs where people in a community in the Scottish Highlands would gather in someone's house or perhaps the village hall and spend an evening together.

At this event, there was music, dancing, storytelling, a community catching up after a hard day's work.

The ceilidh was a way for a community to bond and connect.

Now, you might be thinking, what does this have to do with a Celtic music session.