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The 79th Farewell To Gibraltar Set consists of three tunes, The 79th Farewell To Gibraltar, The Devil in The Kitchen and The Kilt Is My Delight.

The 79th Farewell To Gibraltar is one of the favourite session tunes of the Melbourne, Australia Celtic Music session scene.

This tune was written by Pipe Major J MacDonald as the 79th Regiment was leaving Gibraltar after a tour there.

For the second tune, 'The Devil in The Kitchen,' the melody is often used to accompany the Highland Fling and in piping circles, the tune as a Strathspey is often attributed to John MacPherson.

The last tune, 'The Kilt Is my Delight', celebrates Scotland's national dress.

It is really interesting to find out how many different tartans each Scottish family can has.

For example, the MacLeod clan has twenty five different tartans.