From the recording Roaming Free

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The set consists of three tunes, Lament For The Reverend Archie Beaton, Earl Grey and Sir Reginald MacDonald.

The Lament for the Reverend Archie Beaton is a slow air written by John Mason MBE, Music Director of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra.

Reverend Archie Beaton was minister of Dundonald Parish church in Ayrshire and sadly passed away in 1971.

Second tune on the list is Earl Grey, a Scottish strathspey.

You are probably thinking that Earl Grey is named after Early Grey tea.

I thought so too!

This tune was in fact written in honour of a pub in the north of England called the Earl Grey, which itself was named in honour of the 2nd Earl Grey, (1764 - 1845) who was born in Northumberland.

The tune was written by James Hill.

Lastly, we have Sir Reginald MacDonald, which is a Scottish reel.

The Scottish word, 'birlin' aptly describes the tune.

'Birlin' means spinning with energy.