Punny Celtic Fiddle Musings Turn Moments Into Memories


Winging It With Happy Birthday Celebrations 

Very recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with some friends to celebrate my birthday in DeLand, Volusia County, Florida, USA.

It was a Friday evening and downtown DeLand was alive with people, both young and old, who were enjoying the local artists market which takes place each Friday evening.

One of the things which downtown DeLand is famous for is its murals.


My Favourite Mural

My favourite mural is the DeLand Wings drawn by Erica Group.

Whenever I walk past this mural, I think of Red Bull's slogan, 'Red Bull Gives You Wings'.

On the Friday evening, I did a short Facebook live celebrating my birthday and also another birthday video for a friend's son.


Punny Celtic Fiddle Musings Turn Moments Into Memories

Erica's DeLand Wings really captured my imagination from a punny, creative perspective.

Hence the idea of doing a Facebook Live in front of Erica's mural.


Turning Moments Into Memories

One of my favourite pastimes is to 'Turn Moments Into Memories' for people, especially for special occasions e.g. birthdays, weddings.

Today, I would like to celebrate the launch of a special video message service to celebrate a jewel of an occasion or event.

Creation of a celebration video with Celtic fiddle playing, creativity and a bit pf punniness thrown in for the occasion.



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