Turn Moments Into Memories

This morning I was walking down the street and saw some of the younger members of the kindergarten community out for a stroll with their tour guides.

There was an inquisitive look on everyone's faces as they took in a new day and an impromptu Celtic fiddle concert as they were finishing up their stroll.

Everyone enjoyed the experience of the moment.


It is these sorts of moments which 'Turn Moments Into Memories' and  make that day or event just that bit more special.


Would a Moment like the one described above add that extra inspiration to your day?


If so, this offer might be of interest to you.


My name is Colin MacLeod and I love to 'Turn Moments Into Memories' for people around the world through Celtic fiddle teaching, performances and motivational storytelling.


The current focus is to 'Turn Moments Into Memories' for an even greater number of people which could include you and your friends or perhaps the Strings Program at a local school or University.


Would you like to be on the journey aswell?


Here are three ways you can participate


1. Turn Moments Into Memories Bronze ($99 USD)

- Subscribe to my special email list to receive a 12 month access to a monthly webinar with musical stories and adventures to keep YOU inspired.


Receive or Gift to someone a half hour virtual Celtic fiddle lesson with me.


PURCHASE HERE: https://bit.ly/2TKksJ8


2. Turn Moments Into Memories Silver ($499 USD)

- Take part in a monthly Question and Answer Webinar on Celtic Fiddle

AND gain a three month access pass to the Celtic Fiddle Guru Academy's courses of two methods to learn Celtic fiddle tunes by ear

AND receive Offer 1


PURCHASE HERE: https://bit.ly/2HgvfoD


3. Turn Moments Into Memories Gold ($1499 USD)

- Host your own private Celtic Fiddle House Concert or Celtic Fiddle Workshop


Travel and Accommodation are excluded from this offer

Date, Time and Event Location to be agreed


AND receive Offer 2

AND receive Offer 1


PURCHASE HERE: https://bit.ly/2J6cYw1


I look forward to helping you and your friends 'Turn Moments Into Memories'.



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