Turn Moments Into Memories

The Violin Sings Whilst DeLand Gives You Wings ”

— Celtic Fiddle Guru


DeLand Wings Violin Sings

I recently had the good fortune to visit DeLand, Florida on a Friday evening celebrate my birthday with some friends.

Just before everyone caught up for a meal, there was the opportunity to 'Turn Moments Into Memories' with a Facebook Live birthday special in front of the DeLand Wings mural created by Erica Group.

The video is shown at the top of the page.

I also did another video for a friend's son who celebrated his birthday on the same day.


Turn Moments Into Memories Is A Speciality

Over the past eighteen months, I have regularly been doing Facebook Lives around the world and have applied for two new records to the Guinness Book of Records.

Guinness Book Of Records - Number 1

The first record is for 'taking Celtic Fiddle playing to new inspirational heights' when in November 2017, I played Celtic fiddle in a plane over Mt Everest at a height of thirty three thousand feet.

Guinness Book Of Records - Number 2

Record number 2 is for 'bringing Creativity into Celtic Fiddle Playing to promote ecotourism'.

This record attempt took place in August 2017 when I played 'Jungle Bells'  to the elephants of Tangakhan in the Sumatran jungle.

Jungle Bells is the Jungle version of the Christmas Carol Jingle Bells.


May  I See The Videos

Yes, of course!

The videos are shown below.



Special Moments Requests

Over the last few months, requests have been made for the commissioning of 'Turn Moments into Memories' packages to commemorate a special occasion or event, for example a birthday.

The 'Special Moments' packages create memories which people can refer back to and reminisce with friends later in life.

Included in the packages are a fifteen minute consultation session before the video component of the package is recorded.

Make the investment below to 'Turn Your Moments Into Memories' package.

Please note that all content has a component of Celtic fiddle punniness and creativity to honour the occasion!


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