There Is A Freedom In Playing From The Heart. This Freedom Nurtures The Skills To Embrace The Possibilities Which Life's Adventures Hold.”

— Colin MacLeod

Have you ever travelled to an event or gone abroad on holiday and heard the music which you loved being played with great gusto and a heck of a lot of energy? 

Did you really, really want to join in? 


Then carry on reading! 

My name is Colin MacLeod. 

I am a former CPA, master Scottish fiddle player, hosting this November's Scottish Fiddle Workshop at the King William Museum in Abingdon, VA. 

Were you at the Grandfather Highland Games in North Carolina this summer? 

You might have sampled an inclusive teaching and presentation style at the Scottish Fiddle Workshop Jam Session at the Games which embraced everyone on stage and also the audience! 

This is the style of workshop which I very much like to host! 

Q: What can you expect from this workshop? 

A really enjoyable, fun environment where everyone will take away inspiration and a knowledge of how to energise and enliven their fiddle playing. 

In order to bring greater enjoyment to the workshop, a special package has been put together. 

If you are one of the people driving three, four, eight hours to attend this workshop, then let's make this workshop a memorable, fun and enjoyable one! 

So, here goes..... 

To gain the most from the day of everyone being together, this workshop format will include both an offline and follow-up online component to seal in learnings and fun. 

I will be touching base before the workshop with a tune up consultation to find out what each of you might like to take away as the outcome from this workshop. 

And if you are around on the Sunday, let's play a few more tunes!

There are also a couple of online group catchups afterwards to see how everyone is doing. 

Here is some background information which provides some insights into my approach to playing fiddle tunes and also the violin! 


During the 1990s, I was living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland as an accountant. 

By day, I would work behind a desk for 8 to 10 hours at a time and then at night, I would go and spend four or five hours playing at the music sessions in some of the pubs in Edinburgh. 

Playing at the music sessions was a way to recharge, relax and recalibrate after a hard day at the office! 

And what I discovered was really interesting! 

Do you want to hear more? 

I discovered that the intensity, emotion and passion of playing tunes was amplified when I joined in the music sessions and learnt to play the tunes by ear! 

The emotions were also heightened by the fact that so much time had been spent behind a computer that day with lots of concentration and little conversation on the job in hand. 

This skill of playing tunes by ear with passion and energy has nurtured musical and other adventures on five continents. 

And I would now like to share some of these techniques which I have learnt to play Scottish fiddle tunes with energy and passion with you at this Scottish Fiddle Workshop in Abingdon, West Virginia. 

Book your workshop place now with the current early bird special. 

Alternatively, to find out more, contact me at 

Or book your call here: 



I look forward to speaking and catching up with you soon. 



Colin MacLeod

Scottish Fiddle Workshop Package
  • Scottish Fiddle Workshop Package
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The aim of Fiddle Workshop Package is to help you have more fun and embark on more of life's adventures with your Scottish fiddle playing.

To support this, the package includes :-

Pre-Fiddle Workshop - Tune In Fiddle Consultation session to find out more about your dreams of playing Scottish Fiddle

  • One Day Fiddle Workshop (Saturday Nov 16th)

Post Event c. 2 Group Online Check In Session to see how everyone is doing

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