"Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle
  • "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle
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Celebrate The Four Legged Members Of Your Family With This Dog Care Package. Roughly Five Hours Of Listening Music For You And Your Dogs To Soothe The Day For Rest And Play. The Music Includes Three Reflective Hound Bath ™ Sessions, Celtic Music With A Classical Feel Performed By Thoughtful Celtic Fiddle (Colin MacLeod, USA), Charismatic Classical Piano (Michael Rickman Steinway Artist, USA), Contemplative Country Guitar (Steve Wade, formerly of the Little River Band, Australia), Serene Scottish Guitar (Rory Sinclair, Scotland).

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Music To Comfort Your Pets

 One of the best gifts you can give your pet is for you to be calm because studies have shown that pets pick up our emotions.

"Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle is one that will benefit your dog, will have a benefit for you, which will also have a benefit for your dog.

It's kind of a double benefit for you and your pet.

Whether you choose my music or the music of someone else, listen to things that make you feel upbeat and happy because it will help your beloved pet.


Colin MacLeod, Celtic Fiddle Guru


Let's Begin!

Over the past few years in Australia and the United States, as an observer, I have been very privileged to see some of the  ways in which the four legged members of families join in with musical celebrations.

Pets from Tasmania, Australia to Virginia, USA have howled with joy or quietly and calmly observed as classical Celtic fiddle music has been played in celebration of a special occasion or as a way to relax.

Before you continue, I would love to find out more, through a short survey, about you, your pets  and your choice of music.

Link: http://bit.ly/cfgmusicforpets

Let's continue!

Music To Comfort Your Pets

Music Is A Social Glue

Honouring The Wuff Diamonds Of The Dog World


I have a few friends who have four legged friends.

The four legged friends are pets who look out for their owners and respective families.

The four legged friends instinctively know when something is wrong or conversely how to cheer up people and how to celebrate a special occasion with both style and canine passion.

These canines are a few, the WUFF DIAMONDS of the dog world.

Note: WUFF DIAMONDS is taken from the title of a book called ROUGH DIAMONDS & REAL GEMS by R.M. Winn.

The dictionary definition of a ‘rough diamond’ is ‘a person of exceptional character—a person with great potential but lacking polish and refinement.’

Mr. Patch won the ‘Wuff Diamond of the Year’ Award in New South Wales this year and there were joint winners of the Award in Tasmania, who were Ella and Charlie.

WUFF DIAMONDS have been known to instinctively join in the musical celebrations of an event and help to create that Special Memory of the Moment.

Do you know have a four legged friend or friends whom you think is/ are worthy of the recognition of being a WUFF DIAMOND?




Q: Why might I be interested in music to comfort your pets? 


- It's music which you can listen to to relax with your pet

- A recent study conducted by Professor Lina Roth, Linkoping University in Sweden suggests that dogs may be quite sensitive to human stress. Listening to soothing music helps pet owners to relax. 


Q: Can this activity take place indoors? 


- Yes. This is an activity which can take place indoors and create the space to take stock of the day. This activity can be especially attractive for the winter months as more pets and their owners spend more time inside as a result of the colder weather.


Q: Can I strengthen the bond with my pet? 


- Yes. Relaxation to music creates the chance to strengthen the bond between your pet and you


Q: What if my pet might like to listen to other music? 


- It's an ideal time to take note of the type music which your pet enjoys listening to


Q: What may happen as my pet becomes more familiar with the selection of music in "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle? 


- As your pet becomes more familiar with the selection of music, this music may help to relax your pet when you are not at home or out of the room


Q: What file format is being used for the music files in "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle? 


- Both yourself and your pet are experiencing the full range of the frequencies of the music through the .WAV file format rather than the compressed .MP3 format version of the music files. This can generate a deeper listening experience for both you and your pet.


Q: Is there anything I can learn from both myself and my pet listening to "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle? 


- Yes. You will be able to gauge your pet's reaction to the different music you are listening to. Imagine if your pet is a mirror of your emotions. This might help to highlight the impact of your emotions on other people, whether it be in a work, family or business environment. 



Q: What is included in "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle? 


- ‘Wuff Diamonds’ Certificate Of Inspiration to honor the four legged members of your family 

- Hound Bath™  Reflective Music 
- Hound Bath™  Honouring Music 
- Hound Bath™  Mindful Music 
- Paws For Thought Celtic Christmas Music Reflections (Celtic Violin: Colin MacLeod) 
- Paws For Thought Celtic Music Reflections (Celtic Violin And Piano: Colin MacLeod And Michael Rickman, Steinway Artist, USA) 
- Paws For Thought Celtic Music Reflections (Celtic Violin And Scottish Guitar: Colin MacLeod And Rory Sinclair, Scotland) 
- Paws For Thought Celtic Music Reflections (Celtic Violin And Country Guitar: Colin MacLeod And Steve Wade, Formerly Of The Little River Band, Australia)


Q: What is a Hound Bath™? 


- By experiencing a beautiful range of melodic sounds from the violin, energizing tunes are played alongside serene and calming tunes. This creates a space for you and your pet to really unwind and relax in the comfort of your own home and feel the increased calm after a busy day or week.


Q: Are these files immediately available after purchase? 


- Yes. The files can be downloaded after purchase.


Q: Where can I listen to "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle? 


In your own home, in the car, whilst you are walking your dog. 

Remember to listen to the Hound Bath recordings whilst in the house rather than walking or driving. 

The recordings are both meditative and relaxing and have a certain CHILLAX feel to them. 

Try listening to the recordings whilst your dog(s) is/ are in the room. 

The music is something for everyone to enjoy. 


Q: How Much Does It Cost? 


With all the inclusions in "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle, the investment is $199. 


Q: Is there a Guarantee? 



You have a full 30 days to decide whether or not you want to keep it or return it for a full refund. 

Meaning - you get an entire MONTH to check it out for yourself, 100% risk free… 

And if for ANY reason, you decide it’s not for you? 

Simply contact me or my team for a full prompt refund… 

No questions asked and no hassles.


Q: Can you tell me a bit of background about the artists in the pieces of music? 


- Yes!


- Colin MacLeod (Celtic Violin) 

Colin, Celtic Violin, is the link with all the musicians. Colin has been playing the violin since the age of seven and started playing on the island of Orkney.The Orkney islands lie off the north coast of Scotland and many years ago, used to be ruled by the Vikings. His musical philosophy is that 'Music Has The Power To Open Hearts And Transform Minds.' Countries where Colin has lived and worked in his travels include the UK, Australia and the US. It is in Australia and the US where Colin met and collaborated with the artists who are featured in this collection of music. 

The collection of music is the 'Classically Celtic Music Recordings For Your Dog And You' 

- Rory Sinclair (Scottish Guitar) 

Colin met Rory in Australia at the National Folk Festival in Canberra in the mid 2000s, whilst Rory was working in Australia. One of Rory's inspirations is Tony McManus. Rory brings Classical crispness to the playing of the Scottish Guitar. Colin and Rory collaborated on the album 'Roaming Free' whilst they were both in Australia. They both originally hail from Scotland. These days, Rory is back on the West Coast of Scotland running the family business and still plays locally. In 2015, Colin co-founded the Resipole Fiddle Fest with Rory and his wife Karin. If you are in Scotland in September, make your way down to Resipole, Argyll on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula for the Resipole Fiddle Fest (www.resipolefiddlefest.com). The Fiddle Fest weekend is a celebration of local Highland talent and a great introduction to that area of the Highlands and Islands. 

- Steve Wade (Country Guitar) 

Colin met Steve whilst playing at a St. Patrick's Day event in Melbourne, Australia in 2016.Steve is a former member of the Little River band. Steve is now back in Melbourne and has won some Aria awards in Australia with his work.He is also a composer, musis educator and performer who travels internationally with his work. Colin and Steve collaborated on the album 'Cousins From Afar' in 2017. There is a follow up album in the works. The planned recording for this album is in Melbourne, Australia. 

- Michael Rickman (Piano) (Steinway Artist) 

Colin had the chance to collaborate with Michael this year in the US. Michael is a recognised Steinway Artist and regularly teaches, adjudicates piano competitions and performs both at home in the US and abroad. The selection of pieces chosen embrace the Celtic feel at this festive time of year.


Q:  Can I purchase "Classically Celtic" - The Ultimate Musical Dog Care Bundle right now? 

- Yes!

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