Celtic Fiddle Learn by Ear Approach Helps To Create Road Trip Memories



What Does The Celtic Fiddle 'Learn By Ear' Approach Do For Road Trip Journeys? 

During a recent road trip to Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, I was was lucky enough to visit the Fort Worth stockyards and see the passing of the cattle at 11.30am on a weekday morning. 

This event reminded me of a cattle mart in Scotland, where I was born and also the old saleyards in Melbourne, Australia where I used to live. 

At the event in Fort Worth stockyards, there was quite a gathering of spectators waiting to view an event which is part of the history of Fort Worth. 

Now, you may be thinking, 'Yes, Colin and what does this event have to do with Learning To Play Celtic Fiddle By Ear?' 


The Long Horned Steer 

Well, standing quietly and very unobtrusively on the sidewalk was a Long Horned Steer

And its chaperone was spruicking the opportunity for passers by to get their photograph taken on the back of the Long Horned Steer

I heard the Long Horned Steer chaperone's voice mentioning that there was an immediate opportunity for passers by to get their photograph taken on the back of the steer. 

I seized the opportunity to grab the moment and play a tune on the back of the Long Horned Steer

First of all, I signed a waiver just in case there was any mishap. 

And then thirty seconds later, the moment was over. 


There Was Only A Short Time To 'Turn Moments Into Memories'! 

I really had to go with the flow and seize the opportunity. 

This meant taking the violin and bow out of the violin case, stepping up onto the back of the Long Horned Steer and playing a tune. 

The chosen tune was an Amercian tune. 

Its title was'Turkey In The Straw'. 

This tune was played from memory. 

If I had a music stand and sheet music, the time taken to assemble the music stand, for someone to stand in front of the Long Horned Steer and hold the sheet music around the right way, for someone else to video me would have meant that I would have missed the opportunity to play and also see the Long Horned Steers walk by. 


There is a lot of extra effort required by the inclusion of a music stand and sheet music to seize an opportunity to play a tune. 

It is a lot more stuff to HAUL around the place. 

The Germans have a word for this. 

It is called 'schlepping'. 


What Was The Outcome From Playing Celtic Fiddle Without Sheet Music? 

a. I was able to do a thirty second video playing Celtic fiddle on top of a Long Horned Steer. 

b. Only one friend's help was involved in making the recording of the moment possible rather than two. 

c. There was the opportunity to catch the Long Horned Steers passing by. I should however mention that I misplaced my iPhone and missed the opportunity to record the event! 

d. The other people in the queue had a really short waiting time to get their picture taken on top of the Long Horned Steer. 


What Was The Impact Of The Celtic Fiddle Learn By Ear Approach To Grabbing Memories On A Road Trip? 


a. I was able to capture the moments with a Facebook Live and carry significantly less stuff in order to turn moments into memories. 

b. I could shake hands with new people I met without dropping anything. 

c. There was not always the need to have ask someone for some extra help to record a Facebook Live. 

d. The experiences were fun! 

e. I grew in confidence that I could help turn moments into memories for people along the way and also help some businesses publicise their services. 


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